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Do you remember your early days in primary school ? Well I don’t. I don’t remember the lessons they gave me, I don’t remember how I learned to count or how I learned to read. But I remember one thing : how I learned to play.

You could play with others, or you could play alone, with some known games, or with your owns. In any way, it was fun. But the fun tended to go away over the years, cause we’re not at school to play, we’re here to learn, grow up, and become the best version of ourselves. Or at least we try.

I wasn’t very passionate at school, and I did not really cared about what I did or what I did not. I always thought that I was a failure compared to my siblings, and that nothing could make me better in any way, until I found it.

I learned about a certain computing school while my brother was searching for a engineering school for him. And as odd as it may be, I kinda fell for that school, for what it could bring me, for how it could change my way of seeing myself. So from this moment I tried to code on my own, learning from tutorials event though I wasn’t even in high school, because I wanted to go to that school so badly. That’s when I discovered it, the ability to bring to life whatever you have in mind, with simply your knowledge and your imagination. That’s the power of programming. I found it fascinating, and wonderful, because it reminded me of my early years, when you learned to build a house with a couple of legos, when we built a wooden cabin in the forest, when we loved what we learned, and put our hearts to it.

And that’s what I love about it. You can concertize any idea with your fingertips.


Go ahead now. Build a software, a website, an app, a revolution.

À propos de l'auteure

Noémie Kerroux, Développeuse web et mobile

Noémie Kerroux

Développeuse web et mobile
« Une développeuse ambitieuse et passionnée avec un fort intérêt pour le développement fonctionnel, j'aime relever les défis pour en apprendre davantage, et notamment participer à des concours, que ce soit en informatique ou en musique. »


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